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NA Percussion

Members (2001)


Paul Bodenschantz (drummerboypob17)
Joe Cicchelli (doobiedoo112)
Sean Creasy (n3yne)
Andy Mares (flyboyF18DUDE)
Jordan Mracna (Epyon49)
Mike Mullin (mjmwi7)
Jim Settelmaier (Drummerboy978)
Rob Teare (RATBS2002)


Andy Kolar * + (ibechillin8)
Kevin Malik
Kevin Reese
Jay Vaughan (Scout329)

Bass 1

C.J. Avalli
Devon Byrne * (Devon5303)
Laura Glass
John Kuhn
Scott White

Bass 2

Andrew Molnar
Joseph Moeller
Reed Pelly
Norm Voegler *


Danielle Belko * (Dbelle3)
Kevin Dunkin (touchable247)
Ryan Elk
Ryan Kirk
Daphne Ng (Ducky8014)
Travis Thornblade (cobain31)
Paul Tobasco * (saucet1)
Alex Sammak
Michael Snyder


Katherine Hoyson (SkiChick581)
Mandy Johns (Strwbrry272)
Tara Leonard (pmit0pha2004)
Ray Lofink (Neccro Wafer)
Sara Novak (fries237)
Matt O'Neil * (malletboy4335)
Michelina Pollini

* indicates section leader or co-captain
+ indicates drumline captain
AOL IM Screen names are in parenthesis

I did not have a list to look off of, so if you are not listed, tell me,
also, i'm adding everyones AOL IM Screen names next to names so theres a way to contact them... if you want me to add yours, IM me... my screen name is n3yne123 or n3yne ...

Maintained by Sean Creasy
Edited on June 04, 2001